Horizon Zero Dawn Review (PS4)

A Good Open World Video Game. At least 15 open world video games come out every year, and I can usually count the ones worth completing on less than 5 fingers. Many open world games don't take advantage of the format properly. They'll have monotonous travel, wasted space, boring combat, and side-missions that merely exist … Continue reading Horizon Zero Dawn Review (PS4)


Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Review (PS4)

Both titles included in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games are excellent visual novel/puzzle titles. Even with my limited experience in the genre, I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who has the patience to watch a mystery unfold in a methodical, but ultimately satisfying fashion. However, I find it difficult to describe why the plot is … Continue reading Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Review (PS4)

My Favorite Gaming YouTubers

SomecallmeJohnny- In-depth video game reviews @Somecallmejon I've been watching Johnny's review videos since 2012, which is several years longer than I usually stick with YouTube channels. Over the years, he has consistently updated his production values and editing skills to craft some truly entertaining videos. Johnny blends in-depth critique of games with charming humor through … Continue reading My Favorite Gaming YouTubers

Transformers: Devastation Review (PlayStation 4)

More time in the garage than on the road. Transformers: Devastation is another product of Platinum Games' collaboration with Activision. If you got this game for free on PlayStation Plus, it's worth a shot. If not, there are much better games from this developer to play. The presentation is the strongest part of Transformers. Platinum … Continue reading Transformers: Devastation Review (PlayStation 4)

“Fur In My Cap”: The Theme Song of Saints Row

Saints Row in 2006 was a very different series than Saints Row is now. In tone, it was close to GTA: San Andreas with gang warfare being the main force driving the plot. These days, it’s still an open-world game but the tone has turned humorous with unashamed celebrations of pop culture. Some people hate … Continue reading “Fur In My Cap”: The Theme Song of Saints Row