Forsaking Destiny 2

I've been hooked on Destiny since 2015, but the next Destiny 2 expansion is driving me away.


Recap: Combo Breaker 2018 If you can visit one fighting game tournament a year, you should choose Combo Breaker. I see that statement every year on Twitter after the event ends, posted by people from every sub-section of the fighting game community. This is my second Combo Breaker event, and it will not be my last. I'm trying … Continue reading Recap: Combo Breaker 2018

Game Review- “Agents of Mayhem” (PS4)

Volition's last major release Saints Row IV casts a very long shadow over Agents of Mayhem. Even though AOM only vaguely shares a universe with Saints Row series, it's hard to imagine how you would top unlimited flight, guns that shoot dubstep-powered laser explosions, and the ability to throw magic missiles from your palms. Instead … Continue reading Game Review- “Agents of Mayhem” (PS4)

Album Review- Justin Timberlake – “Man of the Woods”

Key Tracks: “Midnight Summer Jam”, “Say Something”, “Young Man” Justin Timberlake's shield has cracked. No pop star is perfect, but the general pop-listening public has a high opinion of JT. He's the pop star we don't have to feel guilty about liking, because he releases music infrequently and most of it is high quality. He's … Continue reading Album Review- Justin Timberlake – “Man of the Woods”